Hadiqa Kiyani Winter Autumn Collection 2014 For Women

Hadiqa Kiyani Winter Autumn Collection 2014 For Women

Hadiqa Kiyani Latest Winter Autumn Collection 2014 For Women (2)Hadiqa Kiyani Women Winter Autumn Collection 2014

Hadiqa Kiyani is the famous singer of Pakistan. She is famous not only in Pakistan but also in abroad. She is working on fashion since 2012. Her fashion brand name is on her own name Hadiqa Kiani. Now that it becomes fame in the fashion of Pakistan.Hadiqa Kiyani industry functioned as a model or actress. Due to her passion or love with the fashion industry, she has appeared on the screen as a stylist from 2012 with the mission of providing women with fashionable dresses. Her mission is to offer fashionable and graceful dresses for girls and women.

Hadiqa Kiyani has launched a large variety of collections for women. Now she is giving different stylish dresses which are fully designed according to the latest fashion and trend. Hadiqa Kiani has launched Hadiqa Kiyani Winter Autumn Collection 2014 For Women. This collection includes different elegant sewn dresses. Variety of couture dresses is amazing nearest tradition. Dresses fabric is very soft and comfortable. Very special wire which is used in fabric or embroidery is ‘Pure Resham’ which makes the full bright fabric and comfort.

Hadiqa global fabric Kiyani has embellished this collection with lots of elegant looks and superb stitching styles.Each dress from this collection adorned with lots of beautiful printing. Dresses are designed as print, lace, pearls of precious stones and a kind of embroidery. The amazing thing that is shown in this collection is the use of ‘beautiful digital print’ dresses. Dresses are printed as the front of the shirt is simple and the rear is fully printed, which attracts young girls. So a special design, which focuses on the border of the shirt, which are printed or laced. The colors used for them are Brown, beige, ferozze and other bright and vivid colour. Now you can see some latest pictures of Hadiqa Kiyani Winter Autumn Collection 2014 For Women

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